30 April, 2013

When depressed, people feel different from their usual selves. Often they feel gloomy, indecisive, no longer interested in things that they used to be passionate about. Clinical depression is a common condition, and contrary to what some people believe, there are many different natural ways to treat depression, as well as the usual medical ways of treating depression. If you feel hopeless in your depression, know that there are many resources and ways to treat it. Depending on the severity of your depression, it is possible to beat depression naturally.

Exercise is a natural treatment for depression, and is a very important component in fighting depression naturally by lowering stress hormones and balancing levels in the brain. Exercising regularly for at least 30 minutes a few times weekly by either doing cardio, lifting weights, yoga, walking, swimming, or whatever you prefer can increase blood flow to your brain and cause your body to release endorphins, our feel-good chemicals, which are known to reduce depression. There is evidence that yoga and Tai Chi can reduce depressive symptoms as well. There are so many natural ways to treat depression!

Eating healthy is important when treating depression. It is another natural remedy for depression. Healthy foods have a positive effect on health, and make people feel better. Try eating lots of fruits and vegetables for a week, and see how you feel afterward! Most likely, you’ll be on track to relieving depression. Stable blood sugar levels make it easier to maintain a balanced mood. Start your day off on a good footing by having breakfast with some protein, and make sure the rest of your meals and snacks include foods with a low glycemic index, such as proteins and complex carbohydrates. Processed foods are often high in sugars so the rawer and more natural the food, the more likely it will be better for you body and your mood. Also avoid soda, sugary drinks, fatty foods, fried foods, and junk food.
Drink plenty of pure water and you will think and sleep better too!
If you like sweets, get excited! There have been studies done showing that a little dark chocolate makes people feel better and it can treat stress and depression. Dark chocolate is made from cocoa, which is known to cause the release of serotonin, because it relaxes the brain’s blood vessels, therefore creating feel-good chemicals. This is one of the easiest tips on how to beat depression naturally.

You can find these fats in cold-water fish such as tuna, salmon, and mackerel. You can also find omega-3’s in walnuts, and in some plants. There are also supplements containing omega-3, such as fish oil pills that are known to effectively help relieve depression. Because omega-3 fatty acids can increase bruising, it is important to tell your doctor you are taking them to make sure you are taking the proper amount and that there are no interactions.

Another natural depression cure is to get plenty of sleep. Studies show that people who sleep 7-8 hours every night are happier and less likely to become depressed. Start by making lifestyle changes and if you are having trouble getting to bed early, turn technology off an hour before. Also, there are some teas, which are effective at relaxing people, therefore making it easier to fall asleep. Making sure the bedroom is dark, quiet and comfortably cool will also make a deep sleep more likely.

By making changes to your life such as getting more exercise, eating healthy, incorporating omega- 3 fatty acids, and getting sufficient sleep, you can use these natural depression remedies to your advantage. Drugs can also be helpful for more severe cases of depression, or when people are so deep into their depression they cannot exercise. Otherwise, surely these natural approaches will give you a jump start on the battle.


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