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“The first time I meet with a patient I like to have the time to listen to the story of their lives, hear their personal narrative, understand their struggles, and learn more about their hopes and dreams. A 60-minute initial evaluation is simply not enough. So I spend more time to get to know my patients during our initial consultation.  This is such an important time of investigation and discovery. More time means being more thorough and getting a better picture about what the problems are. This usually pays off with a much more personalized, comprehensive and nuanced diagnosis and treatment and a more positive ongoing doctor-patient partnership. “ -- Kira Stein, MD    


Please read this BEFORE calling or making an online request for an initial appointment
  • Dr Stein does not contract with insurance, MediCare, or MediCal, and therefore is considered out-of-network. 
  • Fees are paid at the time of service (except for the Initial Visit, which is paid in advance at the time of reservation).
  • Superbills can be made available for clients to submit to PPO insurance for reimbursement, though service coverage depends on the individual health insurance contract. Dr. Stein is not responsible for denial of coverage or for appealing denials.  More details can be found below.
  • Since Dr. Stein is not a Medicare or MediCal provider, you may not send superbills to Medicare or MediCal for reimbursement.
  • The initial visit is reserved with advance payment.  Dr. Stein sets aside 2 hours for each 90 minute new client visit. A missed initial visit is a missed opprtunity for 1-3 patients to see Dr. Stein. We have found that it takes at least 48 business hours of time to contact patients and fill 2 hours of Dr. Stein's schedule. This is why the initial visit's $750 fee becomes non-refundable 48 business hours before your scheduled visit.  For example, to be able to get refunded for a Monday 10:00AM  initial visit, the office must be notified in advance by phone before the prior Thursday morning at 10:00AM.
3) CALL US AT 310-529-6051.
Before we can reserve your requested appointment, we need to speak with you briefly over the phone about your needs, and determine if Dr. Stein is an appropriate referral for consultation.
Leave a message that you have seen Dr. Stein's onine policies and schedule and that you are interested in a specific date to come in.  It is important to provide us with your contact information and at least 4 different times when you will be making yourself available over the next business day to answer your phone for a brief interview.  If we both agree to proceed with the consultation,  your credit card will be charged $750 to reserve your one-and-a-half hour visit. Please note that you cannot reserve your visit without a prior conversation and our confirmation.
3)  Things to send ahead Before the Initial Visit - Dr. Stein prefers to review and manage most paperwork ahead of the initial visit so she can spend more of the consultation time getting to know you face-to-face.  Please FAX us 888-959-0148 the following by 4:00pm the day before the scheduled initial visit:
a) All Registration Forms, completed and signed.
b) If you are on MediCare please understand that Dr. Stein is not contracted with MediCare and you will also need to complete and sign our MediCare Private Contract.

c) Any labs and imaging studies from the past 2 years

d) Any psychological reports

e) If you feel it would be helpful to bring a family member, please discuss this with us when you schedule to make sure enough time is allotted to your visit.

At your initial session we set aside 90 minutes to get to know you face-to-face. Dr. Stein will give you time to introduce yourself, describe your background, and why you are seeking assistance. Dr. Stein is interested in understanding your past and current life experiences. In order to give you the best treatment possible, she will ask a lot of questions about your childhood, your formative years, and your adult experiences, with a focus on prior difficulties, symptoms, diagnoses and medication treatments, doses and responses. She also inquires about other conditions and symptoms that may have not been considered in the past. While Dr. Stein finds information about past diagnoses by prior physicians and therapists important and instructive, she makes every effort to come up with her own conclusions based on your history, symptoms, and diagnostic tests.

The first visit may not suffice if more time is needed to clarify your situation and acquire test results. In such cases, Dr. Stein will recommend scheduling additional sessions to clarify diagnostic or treatment planning.  It is not unusual for Dr. Stein to require more time and visits to get to know you before she can determine if controlled substances such as benzodiazepines and stimulants should be prescribed.  Please understand that the initial consultation process is to determine if becoming a patient under Dr. Stein's care is appropriate, or if you would benefit more from a different referral.  

Visits are usually 45 minute or 60 minute sessions unless otherwise arranged.  Dr. Stein will inquire about your current life stressors and how you are managing them, and when appropriate, offer medication, stress-reduction strategies, and/or psychotherapy. 

To be an active patient of Dr. Stein's and to receive prescription refills, patients need to come in regularly for their appointments, and as recommended.  It is the patient's responsibility to keep track of their prescription refill needs, as refills are provided during appointments and are designed to last until the next recommended visit.  If you find that a refill prescription is required in-between appointments, you are also probably overdue for your follow-up and should schedule an appointment.


  • INSURANCE & MEDICAREKira Stein, MD, APC/West Coast Life Center provides "out of network", fee-for-service care and do not contract or negotiate clais with insurance companies, MediCare, MediCal or other persons. You are responsible for payment of your medical care regardless of the status of your claim. Any other financial arrangement must be made with Dr. Kira Stein prior to service.  If you are a MediCare beneficiary and want to see Dr. Stein, you will need to sign a private contract, agreeing not to submit your visit receipts to MediCare.  Please understand that MediCare does not reimburse for services conducted by our clinicians.

  • FEES: Please inquire with our office or check our updated fee schedule HERE.

  • PAYMENT FOR OUTPATIENT AND OTHER SERVICESPayment is always due at the time of service (except for the Initial Visit, which is paid in advance at the time of reservation).   We accept cash, VISA, MasterCard, Amex and Checks. Your credit card on file will automatically be charged at the time of your visit if you do not pay by cash or by check or another valid credit card. You can call and provide us with a credit card to keep on file for follow-up visits.

  • MISSED OR CANCELED PATIENT APPOINTMENTS: Because our visits are by appointment only, when someone misses an appointment, it creates a missed opportunity for another patient to be seen. Advanced cancellation notice of more than 48 business hours for all visits is required. Your credit card on file will automatically be charged at the regular rate for any sessions that are cancelled without more than 48 business hours notice.
  • RETURNED CHECKS: The credit card on file will automatically be charged for the amount of your returned check plus a $38 returned check fee. 

  • OUTSTANDING BALANCES:  We prefer to spend time on clinical matters and caring for patients.  Please understand that nonpayment for services provided or missed appointments is cause for termination of care. Your credit card on file will be automatically charged for outstanding balances not paid at the time of service. Accounts with balances more than 30 days past due may be charged 1.5% interest per month. Accounts with balances more than two months past due may be turned over to a collection agency and reported to credit bureaus.
  • DISCONTINUATION OF TREATMENT: Typically, a patient decides when to end treatment, which may be done at any time in person, in writing or by phone.   We can also discontinue treatment at any time.  When this occurs, the most common reasons may include:

    • Failure to pay for services rendered.Nonpayment of missed appointments or services provided is cause for termination. 

    • Cancelling or missing appointments too often.

    • Non-adherence with recommended treatment and follow-ups.

    • You are in need of more specialized or higher intensity of care than what is available from Kira Stein, MD, APC/West Coast Life Center.

* The above list of policies is not intended to be all-inclusive.  For a comprehensive understanding of office policies and responsibilities, including additional information about our policies regarding how to reach the office in different situations, prescriptions & refills, payment for administrative and forensic matters, etc, please download our registration form by clicking HERE.

TEL 310.529.6051

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